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One of our brothers needs kidney transplant as early as possible



 I, with a heavy heart, is going to seek the power  of our brotherhood and network to save a life. One of our  younger brothers (he does not want to be named) living in  Houston, TX has suffered stage 4 kidney damage and would  require a donor for kidney transplant right away. Per his  doctors, his days are numbered unless he can find one within  next few months.

 He has very good medical insurance as he works as  an engineer for a reputed oil company and his insurance is  going to pay for the cost if a donor is found. If any of you  know someone who wants to donate or sell a kidney here  are the details (my medical knowledge is extremely limited,  so pardon the ignorant errors).

 His blood group is A+ blood group O+

 will do (universal donor)healthy, young are  always two criteriaHis HLA numbers are to be  found by 1st week of February  Jexcaities living in bigger cities (New York, LA,

 Chicago) knows a larger pool of people and I'm urging to  them for an ardent look out.

 If you know anyone or want to extend this to  anyone who may be interested please feel free to contact me

 832-953-6627 or Habib vai (14th) 281-507-0963.

 RegardsMushtaque (16/900)

Posted on 29-01-2017

as on 16 Aug, 2017 11:29 PM

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